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Posted: 12:38 PM- Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey and Police Chief Jon Greiner committed no crimes last summer when the mayor helped identify - and Greiner disciplined - a police officer involved in a protest of city pay policies.

That's the upshot of a long-awaited investigation by Weber County Attorney Mark DeCaria.

But DeCaria's report makes it clear that Greiner's justification for placing Officer Matt Jones on leave - the same night the mayor followed and recorded his license plate - does not jibe with the facts.

Greiner has insisted that it was a mere coincidence that Jones was suspended the same night he was linked to a public protest of pay policies.

Investigators for DeCaria, however, found that a lieutenant earlier in the same day advised the chief not to suspend the officer and the chief did not disagree.

DeCaria's report also said there is insufficient evidence to charge the officer, Jones, with any crime. Jones was on duty during two shifts in which people who were pulled over for traffic stops alleged their wallets were stolen.

The report, which DeCaria has been promising for weeks, comes less than a week before voters in Ogden and north Davis County go to the polls to pick a new state senator for District 18.

Greiner is the Republican candidate and Stuart Reid, former employee and now consultant for Ogden City, is the Democratic candidate.