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Need some extra cash for the holidays? State Treasurer David Damschen says the state has $375 million in unclaimed property — and is urging citizens to check online at to see if any of it may belong to them.

"This is one of my favorite jobs as state treasurer, because it's a bit like playing Santa Claus," Damschen said in a press release.

"Maybe you moved and forgot you had a utility deposit or didn't leave a forwarding address on an old account. Checking to see if you've lost property is simple, easy and something everyone should do for themselves, their families and friends — especially this time of year," he said.

By law, unclaimed property is turned over to state government for safekeeping and reclaim — and is not kept permanently by companies, employers, service providers and others. Examples of such property include uncashed payroll checks, dormant bank accounts, overpaid bills, and security deposit-box contents.

A list of such property is searchable online at or by calling 801-715-3300.

"All that stands between you and money you've lost is a simple online search or phone call," said Unclaimed Property Division Administrator Dennis Johnston.

"The average amount awaiting reclaim is over $400, which would cover a lot of holiday expenses. So get online, call and start your claims process today," he said.