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As The Tribune reported on Jan. 10, Rep. Jason Chaffetz will devote time to blocking Washington, D.C.'s "Death with Dignity" bill, which was passed by the City Council and signed by the city's mayor — people that are elected by the residents of Washington, D.C.

Chaffetz, as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, is in a powerful position to improve the lives of Utah's residents, especially those in the 3rd Congressional District. It is sad that he is instead using his power to overrule local elected officials hundreds of miles from Utah.

It is typically a Republican-controlled Congress that undertakes this kind of effort, which is unfortunate because they are usually the party that stresses state's rights. I may be out of line in thinking a large number of your readers are conservative, but I hope all are surprised at Chaffetz's efforts to subvert local control.

Richard H. Harris

Washington, D.C.