This is an archived article that was published on in 2017, and information in the article may be outdated. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted.

With several wonderful partners, the Salt Lake Chamber recently held its annual Economic Review and inaugural Policy Summit. More than 500 business and community leaders gathered to hear about the state of Utah's economy and consider what we can do to enhance our communities and advance business opportunity. I left feeling grateful and determined.

Here are a few things I learned:

First, the Beehive State is abuzz with economic activity. For the sixth time in seven years, Forbes Magazine has designated Utah as "the Best State for Business and Careers." CNBC has for the second consecutive year named Utah the "Top State for Business." These recognitions are important. They come because business leaders across sectors and industries collaborate with government leaders to make purposeful decisions that drive our economy.

Second, staying at the top is often harder than getting there. National rankings are praiseworthy and underscore our state's success. However, we must not become complacent because of national praise. Critical issues need to be addressed today. Areas requiring our attention include adequately funding our education system, modernizing our tax code and regulatory system, addressing air quality, and moving forward with a comprehensive solution for homelessness that honors and respects this vulnerable population.

Third, there is significant, generationally defining work ahead. The primary motivation for Utah's economic excellence should always be to seek improved life quality and maximized potential. As we compete in an international economy, our vision should be elevated from the national level to the global stage. Utahns can and should achieve this. Our industrious workforce, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative talents can carry us through, but we must think big.

In decades past, we have taken up the mantle of change. Our forbearers saw around the corner and planned for the prosperous future we now enjoy. Today, that burden falls upon us.

Because of this, the Salt Lake Chamber launched an initiative to begin sketching the economic blueprint for the next generations. We call on business and civic leaders to consider the momentous and generational opportunities we have, including:

• Sustaining a premier business environment for a dynamic, innovative and robust economy.

• Becoming a knowledge capital envied around the globe.

• Investing in our future through transformative capital investments.

• Creating a more economically mobile and vibrant state through high-paying jobs.

• Taking advantage of our state's comparative geographic advantages in the global economy .

• Leveraging our unrivaled quality of life to draw talent and investment from around the world.

As the 2017 General Legislative Session begins, I invite you to join with us in sketching Utah's economic blueprint by thinking boldly about our generational opportunities.

Lane Beattie is president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber.