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Unlike Glenn Beck, I don't believe honor has been abandoned by most Americans or our elected representatives. Honor starts with truth, and most people are honorable, honest and hardworking.

Honor has been abandoned by duplicitous talking heads, like Beck and Sarah Palin. Anyone who checks the facts of statements by Beck and "death panel" Palin know that they frequently lie to inflame, gain ratings, or perhaps just for fun (see or So it is deeply disturbing to see Beck and Palin lead a rally implying that they hold the moral pulpit on honor. They do not.

Beck and Palin are hypocrites, scandal-mongers and bringers of division and angst. I hope the truly good people who attended their recent rally recognize this. Why just last week, Beck claimed that "The government is trying to now close the Lincoln Memorial for any kind of large gatherings. … This may be the last large gathering ever to assemble at the Lincoln Memorial. Historic, historic." That lie was absolutely refuted by the National Park Service. Beck told it to publicize his rally. He is exceptionally good at that sort of thing, and it is the antithesis of honor.

Gerry D. Beckett

Park City