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A new study by Nielsen and the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing shows that people like 3D, they just don't like the price. From the study:

* Nearly three-fifths (57%) of viewers agreed 3DTV made them feel like they were "part of the action" and 48% felt it made them more engaged with what they were watching. * Nearly half of consumers (47%) said 3DTV would make them watch programs they wouldn't normally watch. * However, a high number (77%) of consumers perceive 3DTV viewing to be better suited to special events, such as movies or sporting events, as opposed to everyday viewing. * The top genres consumers are interested in viewing in 3D ranged from broadly appealing genres (sports, movies, action/adventure programming) to niche genres (nature/animal shows, travel, sci-fi and music concerts). * Overall, 42% of respondents cited interest in playing video games in 3D, with seven-out-of-ten (71%) hardcore or regular gamers interested in experiencing video games in 3D.

Also according to the study:

Specifically, some of the most commonly cited reasons for lack of interest in purchasing include the cost of the set (68%), having to wear the 3D glasses (57%), and not enough 3D programming (44%). While costs and content availability will be addressed over time, the purchase hurdle for the glasses could be a longer term barrier. Overall, 89% felt the 3D glasses would constrain their multitasking activities as compared to 2D viewing habits in the household. More than half mentioned the glasses are a hassle and that was the reason cited by 57% of those "not likely" to purchase a 3DTV set. Consumers were also concerned with discomfort from wearing the glasses (45%).