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When I see Deseret News executives frothing at the mouth about "innovation" as they eviscerate their own staff, I want to run to the nearest bathroom to throw up.

Can these be journalists making such prophetic statements? No, they are merely bean-counters demonstrating that old Mormon saw: "You can be forgiven for almost any sin except losing money."

There's nothing "innovative" about merging the staffs of the News and KSL. It's merely the creation of a giant platypus, as photojournalist Dirk Halstead called such fused reporting more than a decade ago. Halstead was lamenting the impending demise of American photojournalism and urged still photographers to pick up mini-cams, shoot video and post stories on the then-emerging Internet. It didn't work then. It won't work now.

And Deseret Connect? Nothing more than glorified, opinionated blogging.

What's the result of the combined newsrooms? I see the News morphing into a slanted Mormon version of The Catholic Register … just pure, unadulterated flack.

Hard-hitting, objective journalism is dead at the Deseret News, and I mourn its passing. So, I'm jumping ship for The Salt Lake Tribune, where some semblance of credible journalism is still practiced.

Nelson Wadsworth