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Mark Shurtleff's six-figure bill for legal fees isn't the only one the Utah attorney general's office is likely to get.

Former Utah Attorney General John Swallow plans to submit a letter seeking payment for the fees in his separate criminal case, his attorney Scott C. Williams said Thursday.

"The process that is available to him is a statutory provision that is available because he prevailed at trial," he said. "We are certainly hopeful that it will not require a lawsuit."

Williams said he had not made a final calculation of the tab, but added it would "obviously be a fraction of what the state has spent investigating" Swallow in its various forums and the unsuccessful prosecution.

Swallow was acquitted last week on nine felony and misdemeanor charges related to allegations of bribery and public corruption. Shurtleff, Swallow's immediate predecessor, was previously charged with multiple counts as well. But his case was dismissed last year at the request of the prosecutor, Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings. Shurtleff filed a lawsuit Thursday seeking his legal fees.

In a statement after last week's acquittal, Rawlings congratulated Swallow and his defense team and warned that "their significant legal bill will now be paid by the state of Utah attorney general's office."

"Mr. Shurtleff's legal bills should also be paid," Rawlings added.