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Excerpt of a media interview with Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan prior to a workout Monday at the team practice facility.Sloan on starting five:I don't know. I don't know where we are yet. I'm not worried about who starts right now. I'm just concerned about getting all the stuff done that we try to get done, and hopefully everybody understands it. And when they don't, we've got to continue to work at it, to try to give them a little bit more comfort base to work at.'Toying' with the lineup: Toy? This is a job. I don't toy. I don't believe in the word 'toy.' You've got to work to make yourself better at whatever you do. Try to see where some of these young guys are going to be able to play, and where they want to be with what we're trying to do. And hopefully they concentrate hard enough to do that. I'm not just saying them — I thought our young guys did a pretty good job [during the scrimmage].Starting five not as important during first preseason game:Well, it's always important. I didn't mean to insinuate it wasn't important. It's just - I don't know: Somebody might be hurt today or tomorrow, then they're not able to play. But we make those decisions when it becomes game time. I'm always concerned as much as anything about who finishes. For some reason we always spend 10 or 15 minutes deciding who's going to start, and nobody ever asks who's going to finish. Because they don't know. [Laughs]. The obvious is what everybody's looking for, I guess. And sometimes you don't know the answer.Carlos Boozer's injury:I was very disappointed and felt very bad for him. He's had some unfortunate things happen. It's almost like - the bad part about it is, he's been hurt before and some of that was here. I've always had a difficult time trying to figure out why people think it's bad on his part. We look for something wrong in him because he was here. He missed games. I never appreciated that. But that's the way it is, I guess, if you get banged up or you get hurt. You make a lot of money, people expect you to play when you're not able to. So, I think that happened here a little bit; made it tough.

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