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Max Hall is going national.

Since beating the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints in his first NFL start, the former BYU and Arizona Cardinals quarterback has been the toast of NFL media outlets.

On Tuesday, Hall appeared as a guest on Jim Rome's nationally syndicated radio show. When asked about BYU's rivalry with the University of Utah, Hall was a little more circumspect than the last time he talked a about the Utes — a school and team he said he "hates" following BYU's win over Utah last year at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

The interview excerpts:

On if the Utah-BYU rivalry is one of the biggest in college football:

"It's a big-time thing, man. You can't go anywhere without it coming up in that state, and, it got so bad for me, it just becomes kinda personal, you know? That game is so heated and unlike any other game I've ever played in. It's just a different type of atmosphere, so I say you got your big ones around the country, so that one's gotta be one of the more heated ones."

On if the rivalry is one of respect or hate:

"You know what? To be honest with you, I don't think there's a lot of respect in it. I just think it's come down to hate, and it's unfortunate it has to be like that."

On if the rivalry might come to not playing every year:

"I don't know, with Utah leaving and BYU trying to go independent, I think they probably won't play each other as much. I don't know how it's gonna work out, but them not playing so much, maybe it will cool it down a little bit."

On what going to BYU did for him:

"I think it did a lot for me. It's a different type of atmosphere, and a different type of kid that you recruit there. A lot of us go on Mormon missions, so you come, play for a year then leave for two years, and then you come back and you're back playing again. So really, recruiting and everything's different, and the atmosphere is different. And at BYU — you know, there's no professional team in Utah — you're really treated like a professional quarterback there at BYU. The media attention you get is more like a professional quarterback. So it prepared me a ton for what I'm going through right now, not to mention the type of offense we ran, which was very sophisticated, very complicated and gave me all control. That's why I think I feel comfortable stepping into this role right now." —