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Postgame notes following the Jazz's 99-94 preseason victory Sunday night over the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center.Al Jefferson on winning the Lakers shootout: "Where's our trophy at? I want my trophy."On the team: "I like our [team dynamic] right now. We're getting that confidence up. We're playing good defense. When we get our superstar [Deron Williams] back it's going to be even better."Raja Bell on Gordon Hayward: "I thought he was great tonight. It looked like he stopped thinking and just played. It was fun to watch."Bell while Hayward was being interviewed: "Just give him the ball."Hayward sat down on a chair in the locker room after the game examining the box score. Hayward acknowledged that he had been thinking too much and pushing too hard. Tonight, he stopped thinking, played and had "fun."Hayward: "A game like tonight just gives you a little confidence. The thing is, you can have a night like this, then turn around and have a game like when I just started [and had] two points. It's a learning process, and I have a lot to learn from this game. I'm already thinking about what I should have done; what I could have done. It was fun out there tonight. Go out there and play hard. Don't think about it, and let your instincts take over."On facing the Lakers: "At first when you see everyone on the court it hits you: this is real. I remember watching these guys when I was in junior high."Jerry Sloan on Hayward: "He just played basketball. I thought early they got after him pretty good, and when he went out there — I think he was guarding Artest — they took him to the basket a couple times. But he fought back. That's a good sign for a young player. Fight back and just continue to play. That's what he does. He's not going to go out there and beat you trying to get 30 points a night. He plays within the game.""He had a lot of free throws. He's a great free throw shooter. He's just learning how to play. He's had some ups and downs, which young players usually do, but you just have to work at it. He's got to be a better defender, work at that and just the whole game. But I think he'll do that. He's showing me he's willing to do the work."The Lakers shot 28.6 percent (6 of 21) behind the 3-point line. Steve Blake was 0 of 4 and 0 of 7 overall.The Jazz keep winning quarters. Utah took all but the third.Take away Ryan Thompson's four minutes, and the Jazz played nine players.The hits keep coming for Andrei Kirilenko. Thirteen points, six rebounds and four steals.Jefferson had several impressive moves during the first quarter, working hard against Pau Gasol. Jefferson's offensive array — spin moves, post ups, pump fakes — was in full display.Kyrylo Fesenko had a rough first half, picking up three fouls in three minutes. But he rebounded during the second half and played an important role in Utah's comeback before fouling out. A back down of Gasol, spin move and bank shot off the glass gave the Jazz an 88-80 lead during the fourth quarter.An "MVP" chant broke out for Kobe Bryant. A "Kobe" chorus followed when the Lakers fell behind in the fourth quarter.— Brian T. Smithbsmith@sltrib.comTwitter: tribjazz