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Transcript of Jazz guard Deron Williams' postgame interview with the media Thursday night following Utah's 110-94 loss to Phoenix at Energy Solutions Arena.Williams on this being the start the team expected:No. Not at all.Happy with shot selection: Yeah, we are. We're just not making them. They're just not falling.Building frustration:Yeah. It's frustrating. It's just different than what we're used to. We've got new guys, so it's an adjustment period for everybody.Two games into a long season:Yeah, of course.Losing perspective tonight:It's hard not to, especially when you start out like that when you're not used to it. I'm not used to playing this bad and things being this difficult. We've just got to keep fighting. We'll be all right.Outburst at Gordon Hayward:It was just a little communication. Trying to get my point across.Everything cool:Yeah. Just cause I yelled doesn't mean I'm mad at somebody. I want to win.Effort:I think we can play harder, especially in the first half. Both games we've came out a little soft. High expectations and change:Yeah, for me, this is completely new. For the most part, we've had one or two new guys — key new guys. So, it's a lot different. We've had pretty much our core group since I've been here. It's been pretty easy. Everybody has known the offense, known where to be. We don't really miss a beat. Now, some things go wrong and we start breaking down a little bit.Taking control early:I didn't do a very good job of it. Pressing:A little bit. I'm not getting many shots out of the offense; the shots I'm used to getting. I'm trying to hunt. I hunted for 12 shots, which is different.Oklahoma City:If we play like this against Oklahoma City we'll lose by 50.Focus or execution:I think the focus is there. We don't know the offense. It's as simple as that. We don't know the offense. The defense has to be better, of course. We're giving up way too many points. That's where it needs to start. We knew we were going to struggle a little bit offensively. But if we play defense the way we're doing, it's hard to beat anybody. I think we're letting the offense a little bit — that we're not scoring — dictate what happens on defense. We can't do that.Third-quarter rally:We should have that energy, that intensity from the start. We can't just bring it in spurts.Different leadership role:We've still got other guys. We've got Raj; we've got guys that are going to lead. We're just struggling right now. And it's early in the season, so we're not used to that.— Brian T. Smithbsmith@sltrib.comTwitter: tribjazz