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After waiting for as long as 30 hours for the conclusion of College GameDay on campus at the University of Utah, all the estimated 10,000 in attendance had left to do was boo. The show's most venerable analyst, Lee Corso, taunted the home crowd before putting on the head of TCU's horned frog mascot, projecting that the No. 5 Utes will lose today at home against No. 3 TCU."This place," Corso said, facing west toward downtown Salt Lake City, "is almost as nice as Provo." The last time the GameDay crew was in Utah was last year when Corso accurately picked the Frogs to beat Brigham Young. "You're going to feel like a fool after today, Corso," one fan shouted at the 75 year old. There was, however, dissension on the panel. Desmond Howard said, "All good streaks must come to an end," in reference to Utah's 21-game home winning streak. But it was Kirk Herbstreit, with spiky hair upon which players could clean their clears, who became the fan favorite. "There's something the Muss and Utah playing at home," he said, to the delight of the crowd. The mood quickly turned negative, though — all in good fun, of course — with Corso's pick, the staple of the show. Of course, Corso isn't always right, something Greg Boyce, standing in the front row wasn't going to let the analyst forget. "What's your record, Corso?" Boyce bellowed. "Two and 40?" Boyce said he attended GameDay the last time the show was in 2004, and that he loves "the booing and the cheering." Indeed, with every positive Utes statement, the crowd reacted favorably. Anything positive about TCU or Boise State, the boobirds rained. "We knew exactly what we were getting into," Boyce said. Even the pick of TCU by Corso and Howard wasn't especially surprising to most fans. "They always go with the easy pick," said Stephen Elison of Orem. "But I think with everything going on with the Utes they'll get it done at home."

— Bill Oram