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If you like your fairy tales more devilish than Disney-fied, please check out "The Lure," which transforms Hans Christian Andersen into a Polish disco horror musical about flesh-eating mermaids.

Silver (Marta Mazurka) and Golden (Michelina Olszanska) are sisters, seductive mermaids who surface in Warsaw one night looking for human men to drag to the depths for their dinner. They come across a family of musicians who persuade the sisters to come onto dry land — where their fish tails turn into legs — and join the act as strippers at an upscale disco.

The sisters become fascinated by human culture — particularly shopping — and consider staying above the water permanently. Things get dangerous, though, when the more innocent Silver falls in love with the family's bass player, Mietek (Jakub Gierszal). When the romance turns sour, Golden must act brutally to save Silver from turning into seafoam.

Director Agnieszka Smoczynska creates a crazy kaleidoscope of a movie that shifts from neon-lit nightclubs to the dank recesses backstage. Mazurka and Olszanska have a spooky ethereal quality that makes the sisters' dilemma — choosing between human excesses and the need to feed — almost poignant.

"The Lure" is a bit of a mess, both narratively and in terms of gruesome gore. But it's a supremely sexy, and exceedingly watchable, fish tale that's different from everything else on the menu.


'The Lure'

Flesh-eating mermaids become disco strippers in a horror musical from Poland that's definitely different.

Where • Tower Theatre.

When • Opens Friday, March 17.

Rating • Not rated, but probably R for sexuality, nudity, violence, gore and language.

Running time • 92 minutes; in Polish, with subtitles.