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The documentary "Miss Representation" has quite a stellar list of interview subjects, united behind an important issue.

The topic is how women are depicted — as sex objects, as victims, as short-tempered bitches — in the mainstream media. Further, it talks about how those images have a harsh effect on how young women see themselves, and how the nation looks at women in power.

Some of those women in power, like Nancy Pelosi and Condoleeza Rice, are interviewed in the film. So are journalists Katie Couric and Lisa Ling, commentator Rachel Maddow, actresses Rosario Dawson, Geena Davis and Jane Fonda, and comedienne Margaret Cho (who's responsible for the trailer's one swear word).

The movie is directed by actress-turned-filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom. (Ironically, the filmmaker may be better known for her famous husband: San Francisco Mayor, and soon-to-be California lieutenant governor, Gavin Newsom.)

"Miss Representation" screens in the U.S. Documentary competition at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.