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This is for the millions of bleeding hearts that think illegal immigration is OK.

They entered the United States illegally — try that in another country and you would be imprisoned or shot. We have an immigration system that allows individuals from other countries to enter our country legally and become U.S. citizens, if they choose. They think that we, the American taxpayer, should welcome them with open arms. I have seen with my own eyes thousands of them crossing the U.S./Mexico border. They claim to be leaving the war-torn, drug-infested and corrupt government of the home country.

It may be true but life for them is a big holiday in the United States. Where else could you get everything free? They obtain a fake identification card, Social Security card and birth certificate, all of the needed documents to live a better life (wages paid under the table without taxes) than what they supposedly left behind. While they are here, should they have children, then their children are U.S. citizens by birth, placed on the backs of the U.S. taxpayer. They own no home while here, which means they don't pay into the school system but their children get a free education, free breakfast/lunch and all the entitlements that other welfare recipients receive.

I believe that the border needs to be closed as tight as it can be and welfare needs to stop for all that don't need it, including native-born Americans. This is something that our past and present administration can't accomplish because there are too many illegals and too many on welfare. The buck needs to stop here.

Donald Riddle