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CD • Not counting the numerous official live bootlegs Pearl Jam has released over the years, the band's new, second live album "Live on Ten Legs" is an homage to its first live album, "Live on Two Legs," released 12 years ago.

The new album captures songs performed between 2003 and 2010. And like "Two Legs," the track list of "Ten Legs" is near-perfect, including the best songs off their latest album, "Backspacer," and covers of Public Image Ltd. and Joe Strummer.

Eight of the band's nine albums are represented, and it serves as a reminder that in the 20 years since the Seattle band's first album, no other band has written better rock songs, nor performed as passionately.

The band is as tight and rhythmic as ever. As Eddie once sang, delight in your youth.

— David Burger