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BYU forward Chris Collinsworth had surgery on his injured right knee last Friday and is definitely out for the season, basketball coach Dave Rose said after practice on Monday. Rose said the surgery went well and Collinsworth will spend the next three to four months rehabbing. BYU will definitely apply to the NCAA for a medical hardship in hopes of getting the season back for Collinsworth, who is a sophomore. "You can't play in more than 30 percent of your games in the first half of the year," Rose said. "So, in that criteria, he fits perfectly." The surgery showed that Collinsworth had a small fracture of the cartilage about the kneecap, which required micro-fracture surgery. Rose said Collinsworth's meniscus was fine. "We feel bad for Chris, but we are optimistic about his ability to heal and return and we will apply for that medical hardship and hopefully get a fifth year," the coach said. Rose, Jimmer Fredette and Jackson Emery all described the practice as intense and spirited as the Cougars prepared for Tuesday's game against TCU. Aside from Collinsworth, Rose said he's happy with the health of the rest of his team. "I think so," he said. "We worry about Jacks a lot. But the fact that he has been able to practice at a real high rate has helped his game performance. I think the biggest concern right now with our group, and what we are trying to do, is to just try to find quality minutes for some of our bench players against certain matchups. And that's kind of how it will go the rest of the year. We have got eight really solid guys, and hopefully we can stretch that to nine or 10. But we are prepared for every matchup that we see." The coach said he thinks the bye will do the Cougars some good. "Well, we are expecting to come out and play hard. We will see if the rest has done us some good. We were playing pretty well before the break, and hopefully we can keep that going." Asked how he is keeping the team grounded after BYU moved into the top 10 in both polls on Monday, Rose said: "Well, I think you rely on your experienced players. We got three guys who have been playing for a long time, and hopefully they understand the challenge of each game. It is a big week for us, so hopefully we can find our niche and play well."———————————-You've probably seen this video of BYU quarterback Jake Heaps throwing a football through the hoop at the Marriott Center. After practice on Monday, Jimmer Fredette thought he would give it a try. Fredette and assistant coach Terry Nashif took five or six tries apiece, but couldn't even draw iron. I got some video of the attempts and will post it later tonight. The wireless is down at the Marriott Center, and my wireless airport card is really slow, so I will get it together when I have a faster connection.