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Is Kody Brown trying to re-enact "Big Love" in real time?

Brown, the patriarch of the TLC reality show "Sister Wives," is packing up his family — his four wives and their 16 children — and moving to Nevada, The Salt Lake Tribune's Scott D. Pierce reported.

The move was confirmed by their lawyer, Jonathan Turley, who is also a prominent constitutional scholar at George Washington University. "The family is pursuing new opportunities in Nevada," Turley said. "I see no legal reason why their family cannot live and continue to thrive in Nevada as they have in Utah."

The family is under investigation by Lehi police, but no charges have been filed against them.

Turley wouldn't say what opportunities await the Browns in Nevada. Kody Brown works in advertising, while Meri Brown lost her job in the mental health industry after her family's polygamous lifestyle was shown on national TV.

Moving to Nevada puts one in mind of a plot point on HBO's "Big Love," in which polygamous patriarch Bill Hendrickson (Bill Paxton) sought to open a casino. Maybe Brown will run for the Utah Legislature next, as Hendrickson did last season.

Either way, the second season of "Sister Wives" is now being shot.