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So says his this post on his facebook page.

This blog always has fun with McKines, the New Mexico State 6-6 forward who is one of the best rebounders in the WAC. He's one of those guys who never knows when to keep his mouth quiet.....we media types love that because it keeps our notebook's full of fodder.

In this case, McKines said "Hate is a strong word..So that means I really hate Utah State."

With apologies to Max Hall, this blog thinks it's a fun comment if you replace the word hate with strongly dislike. Utah State and New Mexico State have become the dominant rivalry in the WAC, a rivalry that turned as bloody as Tai Wesley's nose last season in the conference title game.

The funny thing is that McKines is out for the season with a bum foot, so he won't even be there to help his teammates when the two teams meet in the Spectrum on Saturday night.

If you scroll down his page, however, he has a post that says "I get the boosters boostin I get computers putin".....

Great post. That's the first line to Killa Cam's classic song "Get Em' Girls". Cameron and his legendary group, "Dipset", dominated hip-hop for about a three year period around the turn of the century.

For an Oakland guy like McKines, that knowledge is impressive. At least he knows his east coast hip-hop.

Tony Jones