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Excerpts of Jazz guard Deron Williams' interview with the media Monday prior to practice.On Utah's lack of offensive spacing, and opposing defenses collapsing on the Jazz since Utah doesn't have a big-time scoring threat at shooting guard: [Since] preseason. … It's just been different. Last year we had a balanced attack. Everybody knew the offense to start. Everybody understood the spacing and the timing of every play. We haven't really worked on it this year a lot. We had guys that got out and ran you could go to, or that could take it to the hole to finish to keep you honest. We had Wes, who wasn't a shooter but he could knock down shots. And Kyle. It's just been different this year for us.It's not just one player who would fix Utah's offensive problems: No. It's everybody. It's me. It's my fault. I've got to learn to play. If it's not going to be the same, typical basketball we're used to doing, I've got to try to adjust. It's been tough. When you're used to having spacing. We're trying to run half of a system and then half just freelance. We can't do that. We're not the Phoenix Suns. We're not the New York Knicks. We're not just coming out here and playing one-on-one. But that's what's happening. Things are breaking down and we're going one-on-one the last five seconds of a shot clock. We're not getting anything.Part of the problem is a lack of consistency with the lineup compared to last few seasons: We really didn't have a lot of consistency if you look back. We had a lot of injuries; a lot of people come and fill up. We just all knew — we had a better chemistry. We had — I don't want to say better players to fit the system — but a better mesh of guys.Jazz will likely not make a major move before trade deadline, so team has to find its own way out: Of course not. … That would be what [Jerry Sloan] wants. I've heard him say that on numerous occasions. So I guess that's what we're going to have to do.Should team tweak offense, or will that open up a Pandora's Box: That would be them [nodding at coaches]. We've been running the same plays for 23 years. Why change now?Talking to Sloan about ideas, issues: I'm just going to play basketball, man. That's all I can do. Predicted struggles since season began: It's definitely been frustrating for everybody. We just can't figure out how to get it going; how to start games out better. We just haven't had a game where everything it seems like the whole offense is flowing and guys are just coming off when they're supposed to be; screening when they're supposed to be. We don't have that.Being resigned mentally to the idea that this season is just going to be tough: I don't like to think about it, man. That's what happens. You start thinking that way and you start pointing the blame. But I've just got to do a better job of playing and not getting frustrated. I think everybody has to do the same thing as well.— Brian T. SmithTwitter: tribjazz