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If you love "true" rock 'n' roll — think Elvis and the Beatles — then you'll want to hear The Terks. They have an EP and two upcoming shows.

The Salt Lake band includes Adam Reader (lead vocals), Patrick Coffin (rhythm guitar and 12-string guitar), Eric "Yetti" Hughes (lead guitar), Christian Williams (bass) and Stu Eastman (drums).

Reader gave us a little more information on the band and its music.

How long have The Terks been together?

In our current formation, about five months.

What makes the band unique?

We are dedicated to carrying the torch of true rock 'n' roll; the one invented by Elvis, Chuck Berry, the Beatles, the Byrds, Beach Boys, and Bob Dylan and later brought forward by The Who, Jimmie Hendrix, Eric Clapton. Rock has been dying since the early '90s. Our goal is to do our part to help revive that sound, so that rock 'n' roll isn't a bedtime story we tell our kids. They only know pop music as it is portrayed on "American Idol," "Glee," CMT or the Disney Channel. We believe in creating music that is guitar driven, melodic, optimistic and passionate.

Describe your sound?

We have the kind of sound that anyone can enjoy. We're constantly told that our music has a mid-'60s pop backbone combined with a '90s alternative feel, which is the music of baby boomers and Generation X. We're equal parts classic, folk and college rock (alternative as they call it now). Most critics and fans say we sound like a mixture of R.E.M., Tom Petty and Pearl Jam. Billy Joel has always been my hero but we're influenced by many genres.

What projects has the band worked on?

Eric was in Dirty Copper; Patrick was in a band in Michigan; Stu has played with about everybody around here and Christian and I have been Terks for almost 2 years.

Do you have any albums?

Yes, it's called "We Will Rise Above it." Actually it's an EP, six tracks produced by the best kept secret in Utah: Jason Perkins at Bay 4 Studios. Jason is an amazing talent, soon everyone will know him.

We have five songs in heavy rotation on Internet radio, and they're doing very well. It's a good little rock 'n' roll record. It is available at our shows and online.

The Terks

The Salt Lake City rock band has two shows this week.

When • 10 p.m. Wednesday

Where • Liquid Joe's, 1249 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City

Tickets •

Web •

When • 7 p.m. Saturday

Where • The Fear-less Zone, 14476 S. 980 West, Bluffdale

Tickets • $5