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Logan • While Debbie sobbed on the bathroom floor at a November 2015 party in Logan, a Utah State University football player held the door closed as Torrey Green tried to force his way inside.

Debbie — who is identified by a pseudonym — testified Friday that Green had raped her in his bedroom minutes before, stopping only after someone pounded on the door. She ran out of the bedroom to find her friends, who were in the bathroom because one was sick, she said.

Witnesses had differing accounts of why Green, then a USU linebacker, was trying to get inside the bathroom. But the football player holding the door eventually got Debbie and her friends out of the apartment, the women said.

"There were a lot of people around, trying to get Torrey away and trying to get us in the car," one friend testified.

Debbie was one of two alleged victims who took the witness stand in 1st District Court on Friday, the final day of preliminary hearings for Green, who is charged in seven alleged sexual assaults between November 2013 and November 2015, when he was a student at USU.

But 1st District Judge Brian Cannell did not immediately decide whether there is probable cause for the cases to move toward trial. Instead, he scheduled an April 19 hearing for attorneys to give closing arguments.

The judge allowed the delay after Green's defense attorneys, Skye Lazaro and Rhiannon Mann, told him earlier in the week that they had not been able to open all of the video files and other evidence. Without that preparation, Lazaro argued, they were not able to determine whether they needed to present rebuttal evidence.

Any rebuttal witnesses they call are expected to testify at the April hearing.

Green, 23, is facing 12 felonies: six counts of rape, one count of aggravated kidnapping, three counts of forcible sex abuse and two counts of object rape.

Five of the alleged victims testified between Wednesday and Thursday. The women accusing Green of assaulting them do not know one another, according to their testimonies.

Deputy Cache County Attorneys Spencer Walsh and Barbara Lachmar highlighted this week the similarities between many of the women's stories: Most met Green on Utah State's campus, they said, or on the dating app Tinder. Most of them had agreed to watch a movie at Green's apartment, they said, where he subsequently raped or sexually assaulted them.

A woman identified in court papers as C.H. testified Friday that she was a USU sophomore in August 2015 when she met Green on Tinder. Green wanted C.H. to come to his apartment, but she told him she felt more comfortable meeting in a public place.

They went to Aggie Ice Cream, she said, and "he seemed very talkative and approachable, like a normal guy."

C.H. decided to go back to Green's apartment, she testified, where they started watching a movie. They began to kiss — which she consented to — but then he put his hand up her shirt and down her pants, she said.

"I was pulling away, pushing his body away from mine," she testified. "I told him, I was saying things like, 'I don't want this. Please stop.'"

He then began raping her, she said, until she was able to push him away.

Afterward, she said, Green told her, "You wouldn't be the type of girl who would report this, would you? I've got a lot of friends who got put away for much less than this."

She did not immediately report the alleged attack to police, but she told a sorority sister about it in fall 2015. In a video-recorded interview played in court Friday, the sorority sister said she couldn't remember if C.H. named Green or only said the alleged attacker was "a football player."

She said she saw C.H. begin to struggle with school and making friends, and starting to withdraw from the sorority.

C.H. decided to report to police after seeing media coverage of sexual assault allegations against Green. In July, The Salt Lake Tribune reported that four women told police in 2015 that Green had sexually assaulted them. No charges had been filed at that point, but the story prompted Cache County prosecutors to reopen the cases.

"I realized that I wanted to make the cases stronger because I knew that my case was similar to theirs," C.H. testified. "That I wasn't the only person involved."

One of the women in The Tribune's July story was Debbie, who also testified in court Friday. She said Green had several times tried to kiss her at the November 2015 post-football-game party, but she told him, "I was hanging out with friends and I wasn't here for that, I wasn't interested."

After drinking alcohol for several hours, Debbie said, she decided she would go into Green's room to kiss him, even though her friend advised against it.

In his room, Debbie testified, Green began trying to take her pants off, she said she only wanted to kiss, but he didn't respond. She tried to leave but couldn't figure out how to unlock the door, she said.

Green then tried to "convince" her to have sex and she told him no, she said. The next thing she remembers is being in pain as Green raped her, she testified.

Green stopped when someone pounded on the door, Debbie said, and she ran to find her friends. Kylee, a friend of Debbie's who testified Friday, said Debbie tearfully told them inside the bathroom, "I kept saying no. I really need you to believe me. I want to leave."

Kylee left the bathroom to get water for the sick friend inside, she said, and ran into a football player who asked whether everything was OK.

"I said, No. I didn't give any details, I just said something happened with Torrey that wasn't OK and I need to get my friends out of here," Kylee said.

When Green later tried to get inside the bathroom, Kylee said, Green was demanding to know what she had said to another woman at the party while she fetched the water. But another witness said Green was trying to check on the sick friend.

The football player who kept Green out later took them back to Debbie's apartment, Kylee said.

Kendra, who also attended the party, testified that she received text messages from Green and his cousins after leaving. Kylee said some of the messages, sent to Kendra and the woman who had been ill, said they were "blowing [the situation] out of proportion."

The Tribune generally does not name sexual assault victims. Debbie's friends are being identified by only their first names to protect her identity.

Debbie said she went to a hospital for a sexual assault examination the next day and spoke with police there.

Green is being held in the Cache County jail without the opportunity to post bail.