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I'm worried about the Chubby, the cute 5-liter keg that Squatters Brewery introduced last September.

These mini-kegs might be gone if Senate Bill 314 gets passed by the Utah Legislature. This liquor control bill deals mostly with creating more alcohol licenses for restaurants.

But buried deep in this massive proposal under Section 13 32-B-2-503 is a new provision which states:

(8) On or after October 1, 2011, a state store may not sell, offer for sale, or furnish heavy beer in a sealed container that exceeds two liters.

The Chubby comes filled with either Squatters India Pale Ale (at 6.5 percent Alcohol by Volume) or Wasatch Gold Ale, (5.2 percent Alcohol By Volume.)

The Senate passed the bill earlier today and it now heads to the House for debate.