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Recently retired, longtime Jazz coach Jerry Sloan and his assistant Phil Johnson made their curtain calls at the state Capitol on Monday as both houses passed unanimously a resolution honoring their basketball accomplishments.

Gov. Gary Herbert then signed proclamations declaring March 7, 2011, as Jerry Sloan Day and Phil Johnson Day.

Standing nearly a head shorter between the former basketball players, Herbert said, "I admire these men not only for what they've done, but for how they've done it. Their no-nonsense, stick-to-the-fundamentals style really represents Utah."

The resolution, citing a long list of the veteran NBA coaches' accomplishments, took several minutes to read in the House and Senate as the coaches stood, along with Sloan's wife, Tammy, the Jazz Bear mascot, and Gail Miller, widow of longtime Jazz owner Larry H. Miller.

Sen. Pat Jones, D-Holladay, before giving her enthusiastic yes vote, walked to the front of the chamber and jumped into the arms of the Jazz Bear.

A longtime season-ticket holder, Jones said her children learned how to add and subtract with Jazz game scores.

Ladd Brubaker