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Longtime maverick director Gregg Araki's latest is proof that it possible to screw your brains out.

Bisexual college student Smith (Thomas Dekker) has a lot on his plate: lusting after his muscular roommate Thor (Chris Zylka), landing in bed with a free-spirited woman named London (Juno Temple) and hearing from his best pal Stella (Haley Bennett) about her hot, crazy and supernatural girlfriend Lorelei (Katy Perry look-alike Roxane Mesquida).

Smith also has weird dreams, and hallucinates about a murdered redhead (Nicole LaLiberte) and learns of a global conspiracy involving a doomsday cult led by his believed-to-be-dead father.

Araki, who wrote and directed, loads up the movie with visual energy and plenty of on-screen sexuality. But his overamped movie has nowhere to go, except for a confused finale that suggests an episode of "Twin Peaks" remade by the Scooby gang. H


Opens today at the Tower Theatre; not rated, but probably R for strong sexuality, nudity and language; 87 minutes.