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When I returned to the newsroom from my October Jeep adventure in Moab, one of my fellow reporters had a question for me. "So what did you think of it?" Prior to the Jeep expedition, I had only hiked in and around Moab. Negro Bill Canyon, Moab Rim Trail, Devils Garden... I've at least hit all the tourist spots in my years visiting there. So as I formulated my answer, these were my reference points. I had a good time in the Jeep, but it was expensive compared to hiking. (Plan on spending $150 to $200 a day plus tax and a tank of gas for a one-day rental.) And did I really see that much scenery? Maybe up close, but hike a trail with an overlook and the panorama of the Spanish Valley is just as beautiful as anything you can touch. And if you do want to touch something, you can't drive your Jeep to Delicate Arch, Corona Arch or into Negro Bill Canyon.

So here's my assessment. I recommend Jeeping... if you're a regular visitor to Moab and you have not done it before or there's something else preventing you from hiking. But if it's your first time to Moab or your first visit in a long time, stick to the hiking trails. It's cheaper. You're more in touch with nature and you can see just as much of what Moab has to offer. You have a Jeep vs. hiking assessment? Tell me about it here or at — Nate Carlisle