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Levers, pulleys, gears, simple and complex machines became tools of learning for students at the Sunrise Montessori School's annual science fair.

"The children worked together with their parents to present their science projects to family and classmates," said school Director Marta Garcia.

Isabueau Miller said she learned "it is easier to pull against two adults by wrapping a rope around a stick than just pulling on the rope." Twisting the rope around the stick lets you make a lot of force and move heavy objects easily.

Spencer Herbert and his dad brought the biggest display to the March 11 fair at the Bountiful school. They demonstrated it is easier to lift a heavy load with a two-to-one pulley. Spencer tried to lift the load on his own and then used a pulley with much better results.

A simple lever machine, a garlic press, was demonstrated with Play-Doh, and students learned that the human arm is a lever. The fair showed children how machines are used in their everyday lives.

Lexi Holland learned that "pulleys can help with lots of stuff" and Grace Boulter learned "a wheel and an axel work together."

Paul Laub had his audience giggling as he showed how electrons work with a balloon, tinfoil, a paper plate and fellow classmates' hair.