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You probably didn't notice the ad on page 245 of the Sundance Film Festival catalog. But videogame freaks did.

The ad (pictured above) is a picture of a box of jelly donuts, with a bar code on the bottom of the box. The numbers on the bar code are a bit odd, though, as the last two digits — 47 — are in red.

According to the website, the ad is the first in the series of cryptic clues hinting toward the release of a new videogame. It's a sequel to "Hitman," a violent game in which a chrome-domed assassin known only as Agent 47. (They made a movie out of it in 2007, with Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47.) links to a "Hitman" forum, which is piecing together the clues.

The new game could be unveiled this summer at E3, the major videogame expo in Los Angeles, says.