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When the Horizon political action committee launched earlier this year, several reporters took note that its website featured a large "H," a hint at the candidate the PAC is expected to ultimately back: Jon Huntsman Jr.

"The Web site for the Horizon PAC cleverly opens with a logo of a big letter "H" with the words 'Maybe' and 'Someday' on either side. Is that for Horizon? Or is it for Mr. Huntsman?" wrote The Washington Post's Michael D. Shear.

Well, wonder no more, because the H is gone.

The PAC's website was recently tweaked to remove the large letter and instead now features an all-caps HORIZON with the color of the logo changing from blue at the top to a red, sun-rising-ish swoosh at the bottom.

To be clear, though, the growing team of Huntsman supporters behind the PAC is hopeful that when the former Utah governor returns from serving as the U.S. ambassador to China, Huntsman will mount a presidential bid.

UPDATE: A Horizon PAC spokesman explains the change: "As part of the PAC's evolution as a national organization, we wanted to give it unique, distinct branding. This way if Huntsman decides to run for president and his campaign wants to use the letter H, they could do so without any confusion."

— Thomas