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After finding some success with the band Cavedoll, Cambden Chamberlain decided it was time to begin a new musical adventure.

About a year ago he formed the eclectic indie-rock band The Suicycles.

Besides Chamberlain (vocals, acoustic guitar, production), the group also includes Black Rob (guitar), Van Christensen (drums, backing vocals), Chris Cole (bass) and Kellie Penman (keys and vocals).

The group has released a five-song EP, opened for several touring bands and hosts a show every Tuesday from 6 to 9 p.m. on UtahFM.

When not interviewing other musicians, the members are creating their own music and producing YouTube reality shows. We talked to Chamberlain recently to find out more about the local group.

How did the band begin?

I started The Suicycles in part to try and reinvigorate my experimental side, which I felt had gotten lost over the years with Cavedoll. I had gotten stuck in a songwriting rut and wasn't pushing my boundaries.

Suicycles was originally a two-piece band of just me and Van. I was playing bass and singing and he was drumming. I wrote all the other musical layers and they were played off a laptop.

My roommate, Black Rob, joined in October 2010. Our other roommates, Chris and Kellie, joined in December on bass and keys respectively.

Explain how the band name came to be.

It is a mixture of three words: suicide, psychological and chemical.

During the summer of 2010, I took two road trips. On both of these trips I decided to do these 18- to 20-hour drives straight through without stopping and I was the only one driving.

I took a lot of Adderall, drank a lot of energy drinks and ate next to nothing. Each of these drives took me very close to a complete psychological meltdown.

Eight or so hours into each drive, I started to feel extremely suicidal, not because there was anything going on in my life that was depressing me, but simply because my mind was so chemically depressed and imbalanced that I just wanted it all to end.

Describe your music.

The quickest classification would be eclectic indie-rock. But we cover everything from post-hardcore to alt-country to dance rock.

Describe a show.

At times raunchy, always high energy, danceable and sometimes a complete spectacle.

Do you have any albums?

We have released one five-song EP, titled "4 Psychotic Car Rides." We have about 25 more songs recorded, but we are deciding which ones to release and how to release them and also giving ourselves some time to incubate and further develop our sound as a full band.

Where has the band performed?

We opened for Fuel at Canyons Resort, 5 Days New Experiment at Urban Lounge and She Wants Revenge at Bar Deluxe.

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