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I'm now in my 80s. My lifelong attachment to The Salt Lake Tribune began in the 1930s with the funnies. As a teenager during World War II, I was a part-time "paper stuffer." In the military during the Korean War, I subscribed to the Sunday edition. The Tribune has been my primary news source for most of my adult life.

Gradually, it has became unreliable, mostly because of what it won't print. For example, would The Tribune report that the average gay male has 43 sexual partners in his lifetime? That the homosexual sexually transmitted disease rate is 10 times that of heterosexuals? No!

The recent series on immigration was so badly flawed I was embarrassed. Those writers should be ashamed for whitewashing a serious problem.

The Tribune has eroded into a politically correct outlet for liberals who bury their heads in the sand and refuse to face truth if it differs from their viewpoint.

I now resort to more truthful news outlets, such as Fox News and the Internet. With The New York Times, Washington Post and NPR on the fast track to financial suicide due to a liberal agenda, why does The Tribune insist on the same route?

Ron T. Jorgensen