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We bomb Syria because they used chemical weapons on their own population? I have to ask myself, "Why don't we mind our own business?" The United States of America is not the world's policeman. That is what the United Nations is supposed to be for.

Look, I feel bad for those poor people who were gassed and, from all accounts, President Bashar al-Assad is a real bad guy. He is not our problem to solve.

President Donald Trump wants to thump his chest and look like a tough guy. Problem is he is putting our country at risk by unilaterally attacking another country. He could use those negotiating skills he touts and "make a deal" or something.

Then I got it after reading a Reuters article (not fake news) that noted those 59 Tomahawk missiles cost us $70 million. Raytheon made those missiles and now has a new order for 59 more Tomahawks.

It is about the money. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us: "Beware of the vast military complex."

David T. Lancaster