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It's difficult to truly grasp things measured in millions. The human mind can scarcely imagine things measured in billions and trillions of dollars. But let's give it a shot — with the nondiscussed, illegal, unwarranted (i.e., zero evidence of what happened and by whom) and counterproductive April 7 attack on Syria, which took 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles. At $1.4 million per missile, we arrive at $82.6 million.

On a more tangible level, the average Utah teacher salary is $49,393. Those 59 missiles raining down horror and destruction could have paid the salaries of 1,672 Utah teachers for a year. Multiply that by roughly 10,000 and you'll have some notion of how much our military expenditures are denying us in health care, jobs programs, education, infrastructure improvements and other pro-people social programs.

Yet we call ourselves a "Christian nation," eager to help others and spread democracy around the world. Having spent 25 years in elementary education, I cannot see this as a wise use of tax dollars.

Daniel Geery

Salt Lake City