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With all of the terrorists and nations that want to destroy us and our land of freedom and liberty, we don't need a bleeding heart from such as Ron Molen ("Intelligent gun laws," Forum, April 11).

When it comes to responsibly exercising their Second Amendment rights, as given to us by our great Founding Fathers, I trust the American people to do the right thing. But perhaps Molen doesn't feel he can trust himself to have a weapon and be responsible at the same time.

During the race riots in the 1960s, citizens learned by sad experience that they did not have arms to protect themselves. After the riots in California, the sale of handguns went up by 25 percent.

We now have an even more serious threat from those abroad who hate Americans and want to destroy us. Yet Molen will have his alligator tears as he tries to prevent us from protecting our family and ourselves.

I trust the Founding Fathers more than I do Ron Molen!

Gordon R. Solt

Salt Lake City