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Detroit • A defiant Terry Jones says he plans to protest next week at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Mich., despite a judge's order that he stay away from the mosque for three years.

The Quran-burning pastor from Florida said his rights were violated Friday by a judge because of the influence of Islamic law.

"We plan to protest next week in front of the Islamic Center," Jones said Saturday.

"The arrests, the whole proceedings, were a definite violation of our constitutional rights," Jones added. "As a matter of fact, we were arrested and had not even committed a crime."

Jones had wanted to protest Friday against jihad and sharia, or Islamic law, outside the Islamic Center, but was thwarted by authorities. The center is the largest mosque in metropolitan Detroit, a region with a sizable Muslim population.

On Friday, Judge Mark Somers ordered that Jones and Pastor Wayne Sapp be remanded to jail after a jury determined they would be likely to breach the peace. In his decision, Somers set a $1 cash bond for Jones and Sapp, and said Jones and Sapp could not go to the mosque or adjacent property for three years, unless invited by the leadership of the mosque.

Jones said that was an example of the influence of sharia in Dearborn.