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I cannot imagine that rational people actually believe that the Republicans will solve our national budget crisis. Almost half of the national $14 trillion debt is due to the implementation of Republican philosophies: $5 trillion is due to unfunded tax cuts by the Republicans, and around $2 trillion is due to their unfunded wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the unfunded Medicare prescription drug program.

Now according to Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, about 235 Republican members of the House and 40 Republicans in the Senate have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge — to not raise taxes, even on the very rich. Rather, they prefer to extract $1 trillion in savings from Medicare and Medicaid and give it to the super rich in a tax reduction.

They suggest that giving excessive tax cuts to the very wealthy enhances job growth. Well, the lowest job growth in recent history was under the administration of President George W. Bush, evidence that tax cuts for the wealthy do not increase job opportunities.

Instead, such tax cuts create an illusion of prosperity while the national debt continues to increase.

Richard Burt