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When I first saw this picture I thought to myself "the ice hasn't come off of Strawberry yet". Imagine my surprise when I read the release and saw that the fish was reportedly landed at East Canyon Reservoir, yes East Canyon. That's a monster cutthroat coming from a very unlikely place. Here's the release fromthe UDWR:

Morgan — Curtis Robinson caught a 31½-inch cutthroat trout at East Canyon Reservoir this spring.

The fish Curtis caught is a new Utah state record-it's the largest cutthroat trout ever caught and released in Utah.

Curtis caught the 31½-inch "cruiser cut" at the reservoir in northern Utah using a handmade marabou jig.

"That's the fun part," Curtis said, "catching it on something you made yourself."

Curtis was fishing from a pontoon boat on open water when he caught the monster cut.

Well, the water was open when he started his trip, anyway.

"I had to use my rod to break the ice so I could get back across to have my cousin and brother help me land the fish, snap a few pictures, and let it go," Curtis said.

Curtis is no stranger to fishing for cutthroat trout. He was raised at Bear Lake, so fishing is a family tradition. His father Eldon Robinson was the manager at Bear Lake State Park for many years.

"He's now trying to break my record," Curtis said with a laugh, adding that his dad recently landed a 28-inch cutthroat at Bear Lake.

Curtis noted that since 1998, he has kept a journal of every fish he has caught. When asked how many entries he now has in his fish journal, he said "I fish a lot. I probably catch 1,000 fish a year. I release most of those."

"It's safe to say that one of the fish caught and released on March 26, 2011 will have a special notation in the Curtis Robinson fishing book of memories," says Phil Douglass, regional conservation outreach manager for the Division of Wildlife Resources.

For more information about fishing at East Canyon Reservoir, call the DWR's Northern Region office at (801) 476-2740.


Contact: Phil Douglass, Northern Region Conservation Outreach Manager (801) 510-1406 or (801) 476-2740

the UDWR.