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In "Keep the caucuses" (Forum, May 15), Sherry Brophy made an impassioned plea to keep her important position as a caucus-elected delegate who vets people for her party's nomination. She closed her comments with: "We have a representative republic for a good reason. It is too easy for special interests and big money to sway the public in an open primary."

I humbly submit that the exact opposite is indeed the case. An open primary means all comers can play, and the big shouters have no more influence than the one vote they are allowed.

I do not expect Brophy to change her opinion, but I sure hope the majority of voters soon realize that they have the power to turn this whole political cesspool on its head by doing their own homework and getting off their butts to vote for the best candidate and not the one their neighbor in the know, their block party leader or their non-secular adviser recommends.

We can do better.

Dave Glissmeyer

Salt Lake City