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Four people have been charged with a felony count of riot after a fight that court papers say began with insults during a karaoke song at a Murray bar.

Charges from the Nov. 21 brawl were filed Wednesday in state court in Salt Lake City. The fight happened at the Highlander Club, 6194 S. Highland Drive. Two of the defendants are brothers who were celebrating their birthdays, court papers say.

One victim said the attackers were singing a karaoke song and shouting insults at another man. The victim said he tried to intervene and one defendant punched him in the eye and threw a beer mug at another man. Court papers go onto describe the four defendants throwing punches, mugs and overturning chairs and tables as they battled other patrons.

The defendants, all men ranging in age from 27 to 32, face up to five years in prison if convicted.