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Don't bring your loaded gun to the airport, say officials from the Salt Lake City International Airport.

Seven arrests involving firearms have been logged since January. And last year officials reported 20 firearm arrests and 35 arrests for possession of other weapons.

"This is an alarming pattern," Airport Police Chief Steve Marlovits said in a news release Wednesday. "It has become a common event. The traveling public needs to focus on the fact that guns and weapons are not permitted beyond the security screening checkpoints."

In many of the cases, the guns brought into the airport were loaded.

Last year a skycap was accidently shot and wounded when a loaded gun fell out of a bag in front of a terminal, Marlovits said.

Travelers may only transport unloaded firearms, ammunition and other weapons in checked bags and must declare the gun during check in. Bringing a weapon to a checkpoint can mean criminal charges and civil penalties of up to $10,000, even if the person has a permit.

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