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On a local level, Holy Water Buffalo seems to be everywhere.

Since forming two years ago, the Heber-based quartet has performed its easy-listening rock 'n' roll music at venues all the way from Provo to Logan. The band includes Tommy Brunson (guitar/vocals), Zaz McDonald (keys/organ), Jeff Vanderlinden (bass) and Steven Siggard (drums).

The group released its self-titled debut album in December 2010 and has scheduled several shows this summer, including the Desert Rock Music Festival in Moab.

How did you come up with the band name?

Zaz came up with the name off the top of his head after rehearsal one summer afternoon. At first we thought it was a stupid idea and made fun of Zaz for it, but it kept coming back to haunt us, and we decided we had to be Holy Water Buffalo.

All the members grew up in Heber City. What that was like?

As a kid you never like where you grow up. Really, it's when you come to know yourself that you realize the beauty in all things around that we sometimes take for granted. Heber is a wonderful place to live. It's quiet, and there aren't as many distractions as you'd find in a city. We can take time to write, but we're still close enough to the city to play shows regularly.

What makes the band unique?

We grew up together and went to high school together. The friendship we have with each other is nothing short of brotherhood. We play the music that we do because we love it and that's what makes us happy.

Describe your music.

If you like throwback rock 'n' roll with a progressive sound and just a little bit of country twang, then you might enjoy Holy Water Buffalo.

How has the band evolved?

All of us, except for Jeff, who is self-taught, grew up with very musical backgrounds, being classically trained and being a part of high school and college jazz bands. We grew up listening to and being influenced by different styles of music, so when we came together it brought a lot of diversity and different ideas to the table.

What other projects is the band involved with?

We play gospel music at a little white church at the north end of Heber every week, where we rehearse as well.

Songs of the Buffalo

P Holy Water Buffalo will perform two live shows this week:

Keep A Breast Benefit Show • Featuring Pablo Blaqk, Small Town Sinners, Grey Fiction and The Moth & The Flame

When • Tuesday, May 31, at 7 p.m.

Where • Kilby Court, 741 S. Kilby Court (330 West)

Tickets • $5;

Live show • Featuring Mermaid Baby, Mountain Hymes and Descriptive

When • Friday, June 3, at 7 p.m.

Where • Kilby Court, 741 S. Kilby Court (330 West)

Tickets • $6

Web •