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Visitors at the Terraces Picnic Area in Millcreek Canyon saw more than a scenic landscape on Sunday when authorities arrested two men, including one suspect who allegedly wandered around picnic sites with his pants down to his ankles while yelling obscenities.

Rangers for the U.S. Forest Service arrived in the picnic area after witnesses called to report a partially nude man, who at one point shouted out concerns about "f——— bears," according to charges filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court.

Douglas Bittle, 29, and his friend, Andrew Nunlist-Young, also 29, were both arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor by officers who located them in the canyon.

Rangers and two officers from the Unified Police Department arrived at the Terraces Picnic Area, but didn't immediately spot the men.

Officers found Nunlist-Young wandering in the Porter Fork homes area, without a shirt in 38-degree weather. Nunlist-Young was allegedly behaving "lost and incoherent," according to charges. Nunlist-Young told officers that he was "tripping off of psilocybin mushrooms," and that he didn't know where his friend, Bittle, was, according to charges.

Nunlist-Young was able to provide officers with a description of Bittle's vehicle, which officers found parked in another area. An officer found Bittle in the vehicle "spaced out and acting like a 5-year-old," charges state.

Officers found a bag of marijuana, a glass pipe and lighters inside Bittle's vehicle, according to charges.