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The Jazz's Jeremy Evans and Tyrone Corbin discuss offseason workouts.EvansAdding muscle weight: That's always good to hear. I'm looking a little bigger and hopefully a little stronger. Just continue to work this offseason. Hopefully get a little bigger. Spending time at P3: Yeah. Probably go back Friday. Who he's been working out with: Al and I think Gordon's going to be there this time and Favors.Sticking together during the offseason: Some of the guys who's trying to stay together to build a little more chemistry and get a little bit together.Jefferson: I don't know about taller. But I'm sure he's going to be pretty fit. He's staying out there too much. [Laughs]Corbin on Evans adding muscle weight: The offseason is staring to show now. He's a pretty serious kid about getting better.Jazz getting what they wanted to out of players after the season ended, and with a possible lockout approaching: Most definitely. The guys have been working there butt off. They each had a great exit meeting and they talked about the things they're going to do to get better, and they've started the process, which is encouraging. I am really happy with the progress have made so far.Jefferson working hard: Yeah. I've seen him, talked to him, and he's been doing everything he can to help himself get better real soon. And hopefully whatever happens, we can get back on time and he can be ready to go.Jefferson not just talking but proving it, and working to make himself a better defender: He is working towards it, to get stronger, to get faster, to get more athletic if he can. He's doing everything he can right now to help the process speed up a little bit.Good feel from Derrick Favors: A great vibe from him. He had a great first meeting out at P3, and he's looking forward to getting better. He's going back out and I think he liked the process of going out and working with the group. Sending a final message before there's a possible work stoppage: Hopefully the message is already out there. We talked about it at the end of the year that we've got to get better, and each individual has to take on the responsibility of understanding where they are and how they're going to get better. It's out there already. Brian T. SmithTwitter: