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Huntsman: 'Is it always like this?' Poll: Hatch should go. Utah GOP: No guest-worker program.

Happy Monday. The New York Times' Matt Bal goes behind the scenes with Jon Huntsman Jr. for a story that's a must read in advance of Huntsman's big announcement tomorrow. [NYTimes] More 2012 news below, but first...

Topping the news: Matt Canham reports the individual health insurance mandate is becoming a problem for many candidates this election cycle, including Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Huntsman and Orrin Hatch. [Trib]

-> A majority of Utahns say Hatch needs to go. [DNews]

-> AG Mark Shurtleff is still mum on one of his biggest campaign donors who is now behind bars accused of one of the state's largest scams. [Trib]

GOP state convention: Republican delegates pass a resolution calling for the repeal of HB116, the state's guest-worker law, putting in limbo GOP lawmakers who supported it. [Trib] [DNews]

-> In pictures: Rep. Jason Chaffetz strategically positioned in front of a "Retire Hatch" sign. [Twitpic] And yes, they sold beer at the convention. [Twitpic]

Today's news: Paul Rolly says Gov. Gary Herbert flew commercial so state lawmakers could have two state planes for a trip, and Rolly reports that Rep. Chaffetz jokingly introduced himself as Rep. Anthony Weiner to a group of Republicans. [Trib]

-> A big majority of Utah Policy's "insiders" say the state will never back legalizing marijuana. [UtahPolicy]

-> Bob Bernick says the GOP state convention shows some cracks in party unity. [UtahPolicy]

2012 watch: The LA Times digs into whether Huntsman was planning his run for president while serving as ambassador; Huntsman denies it. [LATimes]

-> David Axelrod, one of the president's closest allies, confronted Huntsman at a White House function to ask about the buzz and Huntsman reportedly said he wasn't sure what it was about. [NYTimes]

-> Huntsman nabs a second-place finish at the Republican Leadership Conference behind Rep. Ron Paul. [Trib]

-> Meanwhile, an Obama-impersonator tells racist-tinged jokes at the RLC and mocks Romney with pictures of him with multiple wives. [NYTimes]

-> Pat Buchanan says Huntsman is the "media's candidate" and will flame out. [DailyCaller]

-> Huntsman's involvement in the family business of Huntsman Corp. could be an issue. [Politico]

-> GOP strategist Mark McKinnon says Huntsman has great political instincts and pushes him up to the No. 2 spot behind Romney. [DailyBeast]

-> Huntsman's second cryptic video notes his seven children. [Trib] And our suggestions for the rest. [Trib]

-> The LDS Church's "I Am Mormon" campaign is in full bloom in NYC. [BostonGlobe]

-> Romney says he won't sign pro-life pledge because it may have disastrous unintended consequences. [NRO]

-> David Axelrod, Obama's former senior adviser, says Huntsman never expressed reservations about the administration's domestic policies. [Politico]

-> Looking the part: Romney looks like the president from X-Men 2 and Huntsman mirrors the president from Murder at 1600. [Slate]

Tweet of the day: From @EyeOnUtah: "I'm having a hard time figuring out what office @JasonintheHouse is running for in 2012. His t-shirts don't say Congress on them."

And from @AllyIsom on Enid Greene Mickelsen: "How do I master Enid's don't mess w/mama look?"

Happy birthday: To state Sen. Stephen Urquhart and State Sen. Jerry Stevenson.

Opinion section: Paul Rolly suggests Utah's conflict-of-interest law needs scrutiny in light of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. [Trib]

-> An Alpine attorney says Trey Parker and Matt Stone may have been divinely inspired to write "The Book of Mormon" play. [Trib]

-> The Trib's George Pyle says Huntsman erred in doing a forum with Henry Kissinger because of the former secretary of state's dealings with Pinochet coup. [Trib]

-> A senior fellow a the Center for American Progress/SUWA board member suggests — satirically — that Utah's Republican members of Congress should seek to overturn all national park designations in Utah in favor of oil/gas exploration. [Trib]

-> LaVarr Webb and Frank Pignanelli discuss Rep. Anthony Weiner, Romney and Huntsman. [DNews]

-> Ex-Sen. Bob Bennett says the debt ceiling has to be raised despite the rhetoric. [DNews]

Weekend in review: Who is going to challenge Mayor Becker? So far, no one. [Trib]

-> The DNews' Doug Robinson profiles Utah tea party founder David Kirkham. [DNews]

-> Provo is seeking a tax hike to give police a pay increase. [Trib]

-> Tribune managing editor Terry Orme uses Dan Harrie as an example of experience and expertise at the newspaper. [Trib]

-> The Tribune sweeps the state's Society of Professional Journalists awards. [Trib]

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