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Utah is ceasing to issue special license plates for "clean fuel" vehicles — and instead will issue high-tech decals that electronic toll readers on freeway carpool lanes can identify to allow solo-driver, clean-fuel cars to travel there for free.

The change, effective on Friday, comes from the passage of HB24 by the Legislature this year.

It allows owners of clean-fuel cars to buy specialty license plates — such as those advertising universities or other groups — and still be able to travel in high-occupancy vehicle lanes without paying a toll.

The Utah Department of Transportation said it has been mailing new decals to people who now have a "C" license plate if their vehicle still qualifies under U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Solo drivers using the express lane must place the decal on their windshields to the right of the rear-view mirror, and must keep the decal in their vehicle at all times.

They may keep the old C plate on their vehicle, but it will no longer permit free access for solo drivers to the express lanes as of Friday.

Buyers of new plates for clean-fuel vehicles may obtain other styles of plates, and may apply for a decal for toll-free express lane travel.

More information about the new Clean Fuel Permit and Decal program is available online at