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After visiting the Discovery Gateway children's museum, I was shocked that its new exhibit, "Play," is lined with political agenda. The exhibit, which "uses larger-than-life clubhouse-style games to explore how people connect socially," features giant group games: dominoes, backgammon, bowling, pool and a strange robot funhouse — all requiring children to collaborate.

The exhibit was bizarre, like Alice in Wonderland, but the kids had fun. However, when my friend pointed out an exhibit description on a wall, I realized this was a politically charged exhibit focusing on the "collective experience."

Collectivism has reared its head in ugly forms, such as communism, socialism and fascism. It seeks to make the individual unimportant and instead makes collective decisions for the group. Kind of a one-size-fits-all policy.

Collectivism is currently showing its face in our government as it attempts the redistribution of wealth, common property ownership and controlling business and health care. This dangerous philosophy seeks to destroy diversity of lifestyle and opinion. Collectivism is the antithesis to celebrating diversity, loving one another and practicing social tolerance.

I'm furious that our county Zoo, Arts and Parks tax dollars are funding exhibits like this, with so damaging a political agenda.

Wendy Osborn