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Those who had their money on Joe Ingles being the first Jazzman this year to reach double-digit assists in a game made a heck of a prop bet.

But then again, so extraordinary was Ingles' situation in Game 4 — as Utah attempted to make do without an ailing Gordon Hayward — that the third-year swingman was needed to spread the ball around, particularly during Utah's fast start.

How did it feel to notch a season-high 11 assists? "Tiring," Ingles quipped.

But Coach Quin Snyder was more complimentary about how Ingles, who is averaging 2.7 assists per game this season (more than double his average last season), has developed that particular facet.

"He's been so unbelievably coachable with that part of his game," he said of Ingles. "He figured out that he could shoot and started shooting. Then people started having to close out on him and he's able to use his shot to get into the lane."

Derrick Favors' renewed offensive attack and Rudy Gobert's healthy return were key to Ingles' big assist night. With Hayward limited, the Jazz attacked the basket with Ingles taking the ball inside and the big men cutting to the rim.

The key, Ingles said, was making DeAndre Jordan — the Clippers' only true rim defender — have just a moment of indecisiveness. Ingles has been an effective enough scorer that Jordan has had to respect his threat, but with Blake Griffin out and L.A. using smaller lineups, he's also had to be ever more mindful about other bigs sneaking in behind him.

Recently, Ingles has added shot fakes to his arsenal, helping add to the array of weapons defenders are already worried about.

"Just making DeAndre try to read what he's going to do," Ingles said. "If he comes to us, we pass to the B, and if he stays back, we try to finish around the rim. Even if we miss — I missed one tonight, and Favors gets the tip because it's still middle ground."

Even without Hayward, the Jazz dominated inside with 58 points in the paint. Six of Ingles' 11 assists were to either Favors or Hayward for dunks and lay-ups. The Clippers didn't manage to block a shot all night.

Ingles also contributed two late assists as Joe Johnson started his game-winning rally, although that game plan was more straightforward. "Just stay out of his way," Ingles said.

It may be true that Ingles wouldn't have had such a big night without Favors and Gobert playing well, but they also might not have had their respective nights — 17 and 15 points — without the unique qualities of Ingles , who, by the way, is up for a contract this summer as a restricted free agent.

He may be known as Slo-Mo Joe, but Snyder said the threat of Ingles is his variety rather than his speed.

"He's learned to use fakes, ball fakes, pass fakes, shot fakes," Snyder said. "And with his size, he's still able to see. He's able to throw a lob. He threw a bunch of really nice pocket passes to Fav tonight on that little half roll. I like to say he's got his eyes out. He's worked at that."

Said Ingles: "Yeah, Quin loves his ball fakes."

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