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So, what will Donald Trump do when he's no longer in the White House? How about … host a late-night talk show?

Comedy Central gives us a taste of what that might be like with "The President Show," which premieres Thursday/early Friday at 12:30 a.m. — after "The Daily Show."

Comedian Anthony Atamnuik stars as Trump, doing a pretty good imitation. The faux-Trump is the host of a show that's in the format of its late-night competitors, only it comes to us from the faux-Oval Office — and it's all about the host.

That part feels very real, of course.

Trump has a sidekick in "The President Show," and you probably won't be surprised that it's faux-Mike Pence (Peter Grosz).

My initial instinct here is to wonder how long it will be before this joke wears thin. And, if this was any sort of similar show, I wouldn't be confident that it will hold up for long.

But this is Donald Trump we're talking about — and he's the gift that just keeps on giving to comedians. It seems unlikely that "The President Show" will run out of material.

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