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An employee at Bath and Body Works, Marie Smith, heard what sounded like large boxes falling. She saw a gunman running in front of her store with what appeared to be a rifle.

She ducked behind the counter and saw him shoot a woman.

The victim, about 25 years old and unarmed, fell in the hallway outside Bath and Body Works. "She screamed as she was coming around the corner and he shot her. I didn't hear him say anything to her at all."

Madilee Puttuck, a Bath and Body Works customer, witnessed the woman's slaying too.

"If he had turned and looked at us, we would have been shot," Puttuck said.

Smith - who looked the shooter in the eye - described him as in his late 20s or early 30s, Caucasian, with brown hair. He was wearing a long, light-colored trench coat.

Throughout the shooting, the gunman was composed and never said a word. "His face was blank," she said. "He was just completely tranquil. It was so bizarre."

Customers and employees of Bath and Body Works ran to the back of store and hid in a restroom, Puttuck said.